Furniture Designs air traffic control rooms

air traffic control (ATC) and airport security in two critical airport operations possible. The activities will be the nerve center of air traffic control room. The air traffic controllers guide aircraft on the ground and in the air, and finally the importance of safety and flight.

An air traffic controller must have a very big responsibility and therefore it & # 39; and it is important that a well-designed and equipped consoles as much as possible.

Factors affecting the design of the air traffic control center brackets

To start, there are no plans for the type of airport control rooms; Therefore, the following factors should be taken into account.

  • general size and shape of the tower control and command room
  • Work and walkway space
  • lighting and placement of communications equipment
  • space requirements staff and equipment

Each of the above mentioned factors influence the design of modern ATC control room consoles.

Ergonomic Solutions for Modern Control Room Furniture Design

The primary purpose of the control and command center consoles and the surrounding furniture to provide comfort and air traffic controllers working in support for extended periods of time constant stress . Operator furniture should be designed to be easily accessible to all equipment and optimal viewing angle and insights with colleagues and visual aids located throughout the command center. This ergonomic concepts critical for successful furniture design. Although people largely shaped and sized console furniture is designed for the & # 39; taking into account the human norm "can be, and ADA requirements for wheelchair access.

Sound ergonomics tell consoles operator shall be designed, simple to use, the least impact on how the operator works. the operator as a means must be fulfill functions the needs of the individual. adjustable These features include monitor arms, task lights and phones. adjustable devices must be easily accessible and lift it over the table. He picked up maximum system desktop space and helps keep your desktop clean and uncluttered. an important ergonomic feature often ignored ATC need for adjustable table lifts actors to push, but did not leave the room for normal activities. Unfortunately, the working principle and stationary equipment can be found in most tower control rooms non-adjustable work surface.

Voice of ergonomic and understanding of the job is done, control furniture can be designed to enhance operational performance and safety, as well as affect the operator of job satisfaction and the longevity.

Professional site designers and furniture designers, manufacturers should be involved to the best of the solutions required for operational needs of the budget.

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