Health risks of non-ergonomic Environment

might not be working in an ergonomic office can be bad for your health? Yes, say some proponents ergonomic way of life. But let & # 39; s face it; Many people have worked without jeopardizing the traditional office's health and well being. Of course, that smart, how does increase your chances of staying safe and well.

The truth is that too much emphasis on any body part, though a series of muscles and tendons, the immune system and even mental health can be both dangerous and as ergonomics relies so with the physical, mental, emotional and technological creatures better coordination and harmony can only promote a healthier and more comfortable work environment.


ergonomic workspace can be setting yourself a myriad of physical ailments, including:

  • per carpel tunnel syndrome – this can be avoided with the help should be better matched keyboards and other office equipment
  • tendonitis – finding the right fit for office equipment can help relieve the painful disease
  • Fatigue – something as simple as putting a glare filter on your computer screen is an annoying light helps relieve eye strain and fatigue during the day
  • Chronic colds and flu – stress can reduce the immune system. Ergonomics can help you find ways to reduce the tasks of view of physical and emotional stress by improving people's work and found a better (and easier) ways to fulfill them. Another way to avoid illness is more physical to physical working environment more comfortable temperature. Those who feel they are too hot or cold in the office may be more apt to suffer from colds or worse a regular basis. Regulating the temperature and the like can help alleviate these problems once and for all.
  • Mental health – mental problems can be avoided by reducing the stress level, frustration and feelings of incompetence

So, now, to better understand the working of the dangers of not -ergonomic environment, what can you do? First, make sure that the use of devices and appliances (computers, tables, chairs, etc.), convenient to use. In any case, chairs and tables are at the right height to prevent neck and back strain; install extra lighting to stop eye strain; and use keyboards that are specifically designed to prevent wrist and hand problems.

Next, verify that the external environment is comfortable. Get rid of plants that causes allergy symptoms; reduce or increase the temperature in the office or cubicle in the most convenient, and add some soft music if it helps you relax more and concentrate better.

Finally, find ways to complete tasks, which is a simpler way. If you do not hand pain folding newsletters and brochures, or to use a little help, or try to talk to the boss to buy a folding machine. It is not always the best ergonomics will be able to incorporate ideas and plans in the workplace, but the key is to find as many as you can to your work life easier and more convenient.

Source by Matt Hick

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