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as often we hear the phrase: "Do not judge a book by its cover" we all know that first impressions are critical. At other times, only the appearance is the first impression we get to the future of our customers. We take great care in the morning, dress appropriately; proper shoes or picking up the belt to the "power tie". We want to dress to project confidence and skills. But what does our office say about us? There are many reasons to upgrade our office and buying new office furniture is one of the greatest ways to improve the business & # 39; s look.

The first reason is to upgrade the office to revamp a business & # 39; s picture. Have you been to a restaurant and squat thought, "Yes, these are the best food in town, but I wish the place was a little nicer?" Have you ever thought of the same customers in the office? Can a picture be updated using the more customers?

Have you thought about ergonomics? Office of injuries due to the poor quality of furniture behind the second-leading cause of employee absence, sick just the flu. Ergonomic chairs use the natural curvature of the body to help alleviate the stress placed on bones and muscles while working in the office. Greatly reduce or eliminate the cost of workers & # 39; Due to bad comp claims fees office furniture is good reason for new furniture.

A new office will boost company morale, lower job stress and increases productivity. Respondents four ways in which a new office appearance between the productivity is in an American Society of Interior Designers Survey: 1) improving accessibility, 2) improve the employability comfortable 3) increases privacy, including limiting noise and distractions, and 4 ) the flexibility and customization.

as the Registrar face lift has many advantages; give the company a more professional look, increasing its customer base, ergonomics reduces stress and work-related injuries, boost morale and increase productivity. Another benefit? It can be much cheaper than moving to a new location.

Source by Amy Pedersen

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