Features Ergonomic Office Desk

The ergonomic desk, a scientifically table that the user has a comfortable and ergonomically natural position of science. The importance of ergonomics to the growing trend of office furniture today and helps to keep people healthy and productive in the workplace.

Sitting can lead to neck and back pain uncomfortable or unnatural positions for long hours, which in turn can lead to repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. A good ergonomic desk allows the user to adjust the height and angle of the keyboard and the monitor shelf in a more natural posture. to do the right distance to allow the user & # 39; s feet, and enables the natural placement of computer accessories, to escape the hands of users in an uncomfortable position where they are trying to work at his desk, and use the computer.

If you are buying an ergonomic desk, there are certain features that are important. Make sure you find a desk with an adjustable keyboard shelf, which can be changed to suit the height multiple users. The edge of the work surface should be on the table between 24-27 inches tall enough to allow the arm of the chair. If this place is less than 24 inches, it interferes with armrests and limit movement.

The surface needs to the table, take a seat, so position the monitor directly in front of you, at least 20 inches. The desk should provide a stable work surface and will not be wobbly. The working surface of the table should have a dull or matte, which helps to reduce reflections and glare. The counter can be the ideal solution if more people will be using the same table.

tedious work at a desk can be very tiring, both physically and mentally. You can also make a big strain on the eyes. It is important to take breaks to relax the body and mind and return at least once every hour. Try standing on your desk and stretch and walk about 3-5 minutes. You will be amazed at how refreshed you will feel when you sit down at your desk to begin work again.

Be aware of the design and layout of the table. Make sure it is convenient for you, and make any adjustments that need to be done to make sure you stay happy, healthy and to avoid workplace injuries.

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Ergonomics: Workstation Setup Do & # 39; s & Don & # 39; ts

Many people spend most of their working day sitting at a desk working on a computer, talking on the phone, sending and receiving fax messages. Poorly designed workstations can lead to debilitating neck, back and shoulder pain. This article discusses the importance of good ergonomic workstation, which does not necessarily require a large investment of time and finances.

The term comes from two Greek words ERGONOMICS ERGON which means work and nomoikban, which means that the natural laws. Roughly translated, ergonomics is the study of human posture and positioning as it relates to the work environment. Proper posture is the key to a healthy muscular system. Good posture will lead to the setting for supporting the joints against the forces of gravity of the system. This allows our muscles need to post the strongest during the mid-range with minimal tension. When the body is undertaken proper postural alignment fewer demands on the joints and movements needed to carry out the muscles so the body saves energy and perform daily tasks more efficiently. Reduced the wear of joints and surrounding structures is reduced, which is a major factor in decreasing the early onset of arthritis.

Work Station Set Up It is well documented that low back pain is a major cause of missed workdays in the United States. More than $ 4000000000 dollars to spend on low back pain each year. Various studies have shown the effects of poor posture, lower back and neck pain is. Extrapolating this information, we see a direct correlation between poor workstation set up in the office. Below is an inexpensive tool to improve the workstation to reduce the impact of bad posture.

The President is essential for a properly fitted seat considering a lot of time spent sitting. The "perfect chair" does not exist for everyone. We all have different requirements based on height, body proportions and anatomic structure. It is important that the chair is able to move vertically. The HIPS should be located slightly higher than the knees. This is to remove the pressure on the lower back. The chair is rotated 360 ° is very important, so you do not have to twist your back when it reaches the frontal plane. armrests is very important to stress off the shoulder. The elbows should be placed at an angle of 90 °, the forearm rest of the rest. This situation relieve tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Lumbar support is essential to prevent hunched position. Sit in a chair happens if the shape of the lower back forms a "C" and end up sitting on the tailbone. This situation puts a lot of stress can lead to bulging discs in the lumbar and finally slip out of the plate to a central location. This swelling can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness in your legs. If not corrected, permanent nerve damage may occur. A thin pillow, towel or foam to the back of the chair, to fill the space on the board, and the lower back. This will help you in a sitting position, maintaining good spinal alignment. The weight should be distributed to the pelvic floor muscles. Imagine a string tied to the umbilical cord with a £ 5 weight pulling to end up being slightly forward toward the floor. There will also be a small weight on the hands and feet, and reduces pressure on the spine. If you are in the market for a chair to try as many as you need, until you find one that works. The most expensive seat is not always synonymous with the one that is best for you. If you find a chair you think is right, sit in a chair for twenty minutes and how you feel. So the chair is an honest exercise is the only way you'll know if it's for you.

The desk and keyboard to be height of the gun and maintains a 90 degree angle at the elbow. Allow extra space under the table to slide your legs under the table and chairs. If you use a computer, the monitor should be high enough that you are looking straight ahead. If you have to look down, causing them to come out with a neutral alignment and adds stress to the muscles at the back of the neck. It also increases the pressure on the neck plates.

Phone If the phone is often is the best investment you have ever made a heads one of the common faulty postures phone / neck cradle . This is when cradling the phone between the buyer, the ear and the shoulder. This causes increased muscle tension throughout the neck and often leads to severe neck pain. The headset hands free typing and allows the head to remain neutral.

For more useful tips Never twist your back accomplish something. If you sit on a chair that swivels, uses his feet to turn the body. Curving of the spine can lead to increased stress across the back and shoulders. If you are working, fax, phone, keyboard, etc., try to place the device in front of you, so there is no twisting required. Finally, try not to sit for long periods. You have to stand for half an hour just to get the blood flowing through the neck, back and legs. Stand up and stretch a little walking around. It relieves tension in the system and reduce overall stress.

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The benefits of ergonomic split keyboard

When working at the computer and typing, there & # 39; s no other tedious tasks that can be as strenuous as you type.

Many people experience pain in the hand or wrist after years of typing on the keyboard.

Why? This is because prior to ergonomic keyboards was established, traditional keyboards causing an unnatural position of the wrist when typing.This caused by compression of a nerve in the wrist, which stimulates a tingling or painful sensation near the thumb and other areas of the hand and wrist after for a long time. This strain will lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as carpal tunnel.

suffering from carpal tunnel going through injection, wear wrist guards, and it will no longer have the ability to provide such a time!

Fortunately, no one of us to the third stage, because the manufacturers are aware of ergonomics and incorporated them into their plans. One of them is the ergonomic split keyboard.

features ergonomic split keyboard

ergonomic split keyboard is designed to be specificity to fit the position of the wrist and hand while typing. Rather than correct his hands on the keyboard, the keyboard is passed naturally in the hand, fingers and wrist is positioned when typing.

The ergonomic split keyboard "split" or divided one side is a group of buttons on the keyboard, and the second group to the other.

Generally, ergonomic split keyboard are two types. The "split" or gap between the two parts to change the angles or the split is fixed angle your keyboard.

The fixed split ergonomic keyboard uses a split board, just as other inline keyboard to your PC or laptop use, but the device is likely to be crooked layout slightly. Another type of ergonomic split keyboard with adjustable split keyboard. The manufacturers of this keyboard apart several independent pieces of the keyboard, which allows you to increase or decrease the space between the groups in rates, thus ultimately more personalized to the wrist and hand.

Benefits ergonomic split keyboard

One of the biggest advantages to using an ergonomic split keyboard is the fact that it is not the ordinary during your wrist or hand typing long . You can keep them in a neutral position (or natural position).

Instead, place your hands inwards while typing, the middle finger is almost forced to be in line with the wrist and forearm, preventing unnatural strain on the traditional keyboard. When a split ergonomic keyboard, it can not be unnaturally rigid holding his thumb or keep pinkies extended or outward.

Many people who find ergonomic split keyboard, the positioning of the keys to natural ones. Instead of vigorously press the arrow buttons, an ergonomic keyboard is designed so that you only need to use a light touch to enter. Two and three key combinations also becomes easier if a special keyboard. For example, you can use both hands to comfortably that complicated key combinations, such as "Alt", "Shift", "Ctrl" and "Delete" button.

Overall, ergonomic split keyboard is not only easier, more convenient and & # 39; Natural & # 39; After use, you will find your typing speed increases. As the & # 39; not straining your wrist or finger positions and holding them uncomfortable twists, they are easier to rest your wrists, hands and health. However, do not beat yourself if you find that your normal typing speed is not up to par, it takes time for your body to adjust and undo all the bad habits of straining the wrist. Keep in mind that the long-term health!

Why to buy an ergonomic split keyboard

Microsoft is more ergonomic split keyboard over the years , a recently one of the Microsoft Natural ergonomic Desktop 7000 is a keyboard with a fixed split ergonomic keyboard, it & # 39; and professional-looking and very easy to use; This includes a 12-degree split between the two groups in rates, which allows the reduced rate to reach. It is also a Microsoft keyboard 7-degree reversed slope to fit your wrist comfortably.

Alternatively the company makes the black keyboard comfort Comfort USB keyboard, an adjustable ergonomic split keyboard. With this keyboard, you can rotate and tilt in any direction you choose the three sections, so highly above the wrist and hand comfort.

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Furniture Designs air traffic control rooms

air traffic control (ATC) and airport security in two critical airport operations possible. The activities will be the nerve center of air traffic control room. The air traffic controllers guide aircraft on the ground and in the air, and finally the importance of safety and flight.

An air traffic controller must have a very big responsibility and therefore it & # 39; and it is important that a well-designed and equipped consoles as much as possible.

Factors affecting the design of the air traffic control center brackets

To start, there are no plans for the type of airport control rooms; Therefore, the following factors should be taken into account.

  • general size and shape of the tower control and command room
  • Work and walkway space
  • lighting and placement of communications equipment
  • space requirements staff and equipment

Each of the above mentioned factors influence the design of modern ATC control room consoles.

Ergonomic Solutions for Modern Control Room Furniture Design

The primary purpose of the control and command center consoles and the surrounding furniture to provide comfort and air traffic controllers working in support for extended periods of time constant stress . Operator furniture should be designed to be easily accessible to all equipment and optimal viewing angle and insights with colleagues and visual aids located throughout the command center. This ergonomic concepts critical for successful furniture design. Although people largely shaped and sized console furniture is designed for the & # 39; taking into account the human norm "can be, and ADA requirements for wheelchair access.

Sound ergonomics tell consoles operator shall be designed, simple to use, the least impact on how the operator works. the operator as a means must be fulfill functions the needs of the individual. adjustable These features include monitor arms, task lights and phones. adjustable devices must be easily accessible and lift it over the table. He picked up maximum system desktop space and helps keep your desktop clean and uncluttered. an important ergonomic feature often ignored ATC need for adjustable table lifts actors to push, but did not leave the room for normal activities. Unfortunately, the working principle and stationary equipment can be found in most tower control rooms non-adjustable work surface.

Voice of ergonomic and understanding of the job is done, control furniture can be designed to enhance operational performance and safety, as well as affect the operator of job satisfaction and the longevity.

Professional site designers and furniture designers, manufacturers should be involved to the best of the solutions required for operational needs of the budget.

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Be proactive: The benefits of ergonomics in the office environment

improve the effectiveness of ergonomics in the workplace forefront of attention to usability, comfort and security for workers, and includes such design – or transformation – the working environment. Ignoring office ergonomics seriously jeopardize the speed and efficiency of the work, as well as risking unpleasant and potentially serious health and safety concerns. On the other hand, taking advantage of an ergonomic workstation complete more enjoyable, more rewarding experience.

ergonomic stress of the body can lead to a number of diseases and disorders of the muscles, joints and nerves. For example, cumulative trauma disorders caused by and aggravated by repetitive movements and postures while back disturbances occur as a result of pulling and straining muscles, ligaments or spinal discs. Many of these repetitive strain injuries can be avoided simply taking into account the concerns of the ergonomic workstation.

Furthermore, companies and trade unions are obliged to pay compensation claims every year, in response suffered by muscle strains and joint excessively injuries of thousands of damage employees as a result of an ergonomically unsound working conditions. Thus, the improvement in office ergonomics benefit both employers who save money in compensation for damage; and an employee who can do without the discomfort and injury in the workplace.

consume act of tensions and ergonomic action before a problem even occurs commonly color: as proactive ergonomics . Installing denotes fully adjustable support for flat screen LCD desktop monitors and laptops to reduce the risk of injury caused by poor posture and excessive and improve employee comfort, and as a result of job satisfaction.

Another solution ergonomic workplace injuries and excessive inconvenience flat computer keyboards, which do not require the user to keep the wrist in an awkward angle upward. Wrist Pain may mean a serious underlying causes color: color as: arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome type, thus avoiding strain on the wrist during long periods working on important parts of the computer in the office ergonomics. Flat keyboards significantly reduce the risk of wrist pain or discomfort than the wrist should not be raised at all when using the keyboard. Also, the correct positioning of the keyboard on the table, with regards to the seating position and posture can help avoid strain on the back or arm.

Proactive improve the efficiency of office ergonomics is a forward thinking approach in a commercial environment. By usability and comfort as the first and most important concern when considering the design of a workstation, an employer shall ensure that the office space surpasses its competitors in terms of intuitive and employee satisfaction, as well as the basic work efficiency.

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Ergonomics Types and Causes Eye Strain

ergonomics is a scientific word, which says that employees should feel comfortable with other workers and the environment. Designing a proper ergonomics to prevent injuries from strain, otherwise it will lead to long-term disability. It should be designed in such a way that the people and the technology tools and the environment suit each other.

This is roughly divided into three areas

Physical ergonomics
This is related to the human anatomy and anthropometric and biochemical characteristics that are the subject of physical activity.

Cognitive Ergonomics
This refers to mental processes, memory, reasoning that impact human interactions. Work-related stress and training are also included in this type of ergonomics.


Organizational ergonomics
organization can be considered during ergonomics. Work design, virtual organization, etc are some related topics of ergonomics.

causes eye strain
Filter Cloth cause your eyes to one or more eye muscles. The ciliary & # 39; s body is responsible for placing the eye muscle, the muscle is straining the cause eye strain. strain is caused to hold the muscle in one position for a long time.

Common reasons

  • The use of computers
  • watching TV
  • Reading

Eye strain can rob you of happiness. As a symptom of a broad and far-reaching. Steps for treatment of eye strain include

  1. Monitor symptoms
  2. causes
  3. testing
  4. Medical diagnosis

prevention is better than cure. The best way to treat loyal prevent it in the first place. If the reason for the strain is known, it is easy to prevent.

So choose the best way to prevent ergonomics with computers in the office that do not affect workers' eyes. You must give themselves time to rest. Workload should be reduced.

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Ergonomics – Product Design

What Ergonomics and why you need to know about it? Well, that's a question that should be asked to yourself if your service provider or manufacturer.


ergonomics products, services or the environment, human needs, behavior or use. The following are the five important dimensions that define better ergonomics –

1. Easy to use – Products intended to ensure that the user can find related to no or little difficulty in using and handling.
2. Performance – Products are designed to change based on the performance of the user & # 39; s needed.
aesthetics 3.
4. comfort
5. Security

Although there are three general types of Ergonomics, which have been recognized, the most important manufacturers – physical and cognitive ergonomics.


Physical ergonomics of a human being & # 39; s physical interaction while using a particular product (consumer), handling or actually producing it. The manufacturer must design the process and in the workplace so that employees comfortable working there as productivity, low security risk, better quality and lower production costs. This dimension Physical ergonomics benefit the manufacturer. But the other advantages which would be deduced from a product that is easy to use and apply to the end user. Physical ergonomics should not focus on just one factor, but the next two. The manufacturer and the end user's favor if the physical ergonomics effectively. The manufacturer is a win – win situation, since optimize the benefits of the company's profit trends, as well as high quality and easy to use product.

Cognitive ergonomics is concerned with the emotional and motor responses of the workers, as well as the user. This includes the perception, motor responses, workloads, stress, etc. is always advisable to be used in place of both physical and cognitive ergonomics someone.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to optimize products and processes, you can either hire a staff member or go to an independent consulting firms. It is always advisable to consulting firms specializing in ergonomics to do the job. This is because the vast experience and expertise of these companies carry out a variety of industries. Ergonomics have a very specific discipline, skill sets required to develop the company, or one person at a time. There are some good Australian companies offering such services to companies in Australia and around the world. One such company is Design Industry is the leading company in this field and has experience in various industries such as banking, consumer, medical, sports and many others. We have a team of highly creative and scientific members, which is a rare combination, but it is ideal for this job!

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